Jonathan Zafra signs letter of intent to wrestle at St Andrews University

Jonathan Zafra signs to continue his wrestling career at St. Andrews University where he will be competing for the 174 or 184lb weight classes.

Coach Metzinger comments on Jonathan Zafra:

“Zafra and I came in together in the Manteo Wrestling Club 4 years ago and I am very proud of watching him grow and learn the sport from year to year. We spent a lot of time together and got him to buy into living in the weight room. I remember his freshman year he could not do a single pullup. In four years we recorded a total of 9,300 miles on the bus going to events, a lot of blood, sweat, injuries, and tough times. For a lot of his career Zafra and I were practice partners where he would attempt low leg singles all the time beating my knees to death. As all coaches do we act invinsible until they all leave and deal with the aftermath. Zafra’s freshman year he wrestled 170lbs and finished 11-10, sophomore year 24-21, junior year 32-9, and senior year was 25-10 giving him a career record of 92-50. Statistically his best year was his junior year, but wrestling is a funny sport. Its not about numbers or what seed you are, its how much heart do you have and not wrestling scared to lose when you get into the post season. His one goal was to get to 100 wins in his career. We had a terrible winter with many cancelled meets due to weather and other reasons preventing him from getting to that magic mark. In January I challenged him to refocus and set a new goal on something he can control, and that was getting on the podium. His senior year he entered the 1A East Regional Tournament as the #7 seed. He defeated the #10, #2, #3, #4 seeds. He earned his way to Regional Champion. In Greensboro at the State Championships he overcame the bright lights and gave the Manteo Wrestling Club the first wrestler in 8 years to wrestle for the state title. Zafra defeated the West #2 and West #4, however came up short in the title match against the West #3.

Overall Jonathan has a lot to be proud of. He not only participated in the most physically and mantally demanding sport for 4 years, but he also put himself among the top in the 1A division, towards the top in Manteo Wrestling Club History, and I believe is the first Manteo wrestler to continue his career in college since Boring graduating in 2006.”

Jonathan Zafra’s ranking in the Manteo Wrestling Club All Time Records

Single Season Records

#4 Team Points – 190

#4 Pins – 25

#5 Escapes – 30

#6 Reversals – 26

Individual Career Records

#3 Team Points 482

#4 Reversals 71

#4 Escapes 69

#5 Career Pins 59


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